Please check the FAQ before installing 

The Software below is in BETA release. We highly recommend that you consult the software’s FAQ on the Forum BEFORE installing, ensuring the successful installation and functioning of the software. In addition to this, the FAQ will also inform you of some temporary configuration dependencies. It is also suggested that you visit these forum boards regularly, as we will be implementing fixes and changes regularly.

For example, one of our key Q&A in the forum, is that you should NOT uninstall IVAP until further notice.

Links to the Support and FAQ Forums

Altitude FAQ Forum

Aurora FAQ Forum

Artifice FAQ Forum

ATC Client: Aurora

Aurora, your new ATC client, is the first client in many years developed in house, it will allow us to seamlessly customize and adapt the software to offer you the best and most realistic ATC experience. BETA phase is important as it will allow us to craft a stable software. New features will continue being developed and released.

Pilot Client: Altitude

Altitude, your new pilot client arrives with support for all current flight simulation platforms. Development is still happening and new features will keep being implemented and pumping. You can also count on a new and realistic web-based method to send your flight plans.

Connector: Artifice

Artifice, this is your new connector. if you enjoy controlling using your flight simulator, Artifice will allow you the most realistic air traffic control experience. It allows you to connect as many softwares as you want into one IVAO connection.


Do you need help? We have created a complete manual for each software all that can be accessible via our very well known media wiki. If you can't find an answer to your problem, you can head to our forum.